When It Comes To Your College Planning, Are You Being A "But" – Head?

  • I need to look at colleges…”but” I don’t have time.
  • I should have studied for the SAT… “but” I had a party to go to.
  • I want to go to college…”but” I’m not making the time to find the colleges.
  • I want to major in zzz… “but” I love Costalotta U. even though they don’t offer zzz as a major.

Any of these sound familiar? Let’s be honest, you’ve likely said at least one of these – in some form or another – at one time or another. It’s human nature, we’re all “but” heads – what we’re “but”s about just changes as we get older. (My current “but” head moments center around losing weight – “I want to lose 15 pounds… “but” I don’t want to change the way I eat”)

Parents, your students aren’t the only ones who can be “but” heads.

  • Sending our child to college is important…”but” we can’t start until after our vacation.
  • Sending our child to college is important… “but” we haven’t saved anything.
  • Sending our child to college is a priority… “but” we don’t have enough money for one year let alone all four.
  • Sending our child to college is important… “but” we’re spending $5,000 + per year on sport travel teams, etc.
  • We need help with all of this… “but” we don’t have the money.

Whether you’re a student or a parent, if college is as much of a priority as you say, then action needs to be taken. Thinking about it or hoping things will change won’t actually make it so. College is all about decisions.

Being a “but”-head will sabotage your results. If you find yourself saying you want one thing and then uttering “but” then the first step to getting the results you want is to break this habit.

If you don’t make decisions or put off making them until it’s nearly too late, don’t be surprised when you don’t get in to a particular college or are not offered a lot of scholarship or financial aid.

Your Smart Plan For College Assignment:

Be honest with yourself and see if you’re saying “but” a bit too much. You need to stop this habit now. Start making decisions. Yes, they’re scary. Yes, they have consequences, but without them, your college dreams and goals won’t happen.

Make a decision – indecision is a form of self abuse. There are only about 2% of things in life we actually ever need to “think” over. We know what we need to do – we are just too chicken to do it, so we wait. Make a decision and move on.